A Lovely Homemade Life

A Lovely Homemade Life: August 2014

Friday, August 29

The Week in Review

This week I am acutely feeling ready for school to start back up (Tuesday will not come soon enough!).  As the mom of a busy, incredibly intelligent and constantly talking 4 year old who hasn't taken naps in over 2 years (not to mention the almost walking and very curious 8 month old), I'm not quite sure what possessed me to relaunch my Etsy store and start a blog two weeks before school started back up...

But here we are.  I'm a list maker by nature, but I can't even bring myself to make up a to-do list because I'm imagining just how long that list would grow to be.  One day it'll get done...or at least most of it will.  I'm working on being content with eating my elephant one bite at a time.  Or nibble.  Or crumb...

So here's our week in review.  Just a few pics to share to highlight what it's been like around our house this week.  Enjoy!

One waffle...two children.  Luca refuses to eat his "waffle bones" (which we keep telling him is definitely not a thing) but Isla likes them just fine.

My very favorite laundry un-helper.  This child has a talent for unfolding faster than I can fold.  Maybe her interest in laundry will pan out in a few years though :)

She is such a ham!  You pull out a camera and she's right there, posing and smiling.  Silly girl!

I hope your week has been great. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Wednesday, August 27

Yarn Along

Hooray!  This is my very first Yarn Along and I'm so excited!  A lovely blogger, Ginny, of Small Things has been doing a Yarn Along post each Wednesday for several years now and I love following along with what she and others are working on!

This week I am working on all.the.things!  I have a half dozen Waldorf dolls in the works for my shop, a pieced quilt for Isla, hand quilting an Amish-style lap quilt, and designing my own knitted baby sweater (maybe I'll give you a sneak peek in next week's post).

Today's picture is showing a Driftwood that I'm knitting...only 7 pattern repeats to go! I really should try to stick to just one thing...I'd probably get more done.  But for now, bouncing back and forth between several things seems to be working alright.

As for reading, I typically take time to do that at the gym in the mornings.  But since Isla has decided that we need to have at least one date (and sometimes two!) each night, it's been so hard to get up at 5am to go.  I'm still working on Sand by Hugh Howey.  It's sort of a post-apocalyptic novel set in a future where everything has been covered in deep sand dunes and the life we lead today is the stuff of legends.  It's quite interesting reading...you know how I love a good post-apocalyptic tale.  :)

Linking up with Ginny.

Ooh...by the way...do you like my new photo backdrop?  It still needs a couple coats of polyurethane, but it worked for today.  Special thanks to Michael for building it for me and Pacha for the advice on staining :)  I can't wait to retake all of my Etsy pics once it's done! 

Monday, August 25

DIY--Luca's Apple Carrot Juice

Welcome to A Lovely Homemade Life!  One of the regular posts I'd like to share on this blog is a series called "Make it Myself Monday".  These posts will chronicle an adventure in making something from scratch, be it a large project or just a small one.

Today's offering is a special "with kids" edition.  My 4 year old son, Luca, came up with this idea all on his own, and we just happened to have all the ingredients we needed to try it out.

His very favorite juice is a boxed variety that contains apples and carrots.  I think this is pretty great already, since it has some veggie juice in it and it's one small way to get my picky preschooler to consume some vegetation.  But, while carefully inspecting the box, Luca asked if I thought we could make our own "Apple Carrot Juice."  To which I cheerily replied, "Yes we can!"

All of our ingredients, with the original product for a side by side comparison afterwards.
 So I pulled out the juicer and asked him to gather all the apples from the bowl.  These were Gala apples--crisp and tangy.  I also pulled out a couple of giant carrots and washed and peeled them.

Luca drew some instructions for us :)

He added the fruits and veggies to the juicer. 

He didn't care for the noise, but Isla thought it was great!

The finished product

Tada!  He liked it a lot!

And so did she!
 Just a simple thing to make for ourselves, but Luca was so proud that he could help and we came out with a fresh, healthy and tasty juice to share.  What products do you prefer to make yourself?

Friday, August 22

A Time of Transition

Welcome to A Lovely Homemade Life!  This blog, and my accompanying Etsy shop, have been a long time coming.  I've been mulling over a shop name change for months, and finally settled on A Lovely Homemade Life, which I'm very much in love with!

For the past several months, my husband Michael and I have been actively pursuing a more simple, natural lifestyle.  This has included such projects as canning our own jams and fruits, baking our own bread, making our own (simple) cheeses and generally trying to pare down our possessions and simplify our life.  We are by no means finished!  There's still a long way to go, but we're on the path and as with any other "life overhaul" if you will, it isn't accomplished in a day!

I want this blog to be a place to share what I've been working on, both in the kitchen and in my craft room.  My crafting interests are vast  and include knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, cross stitch and just about any other crafty endeavor known to man. 

Many of the fruits of my labor will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop--A Lovely Homemade Life.  You can find me at www.etsy.com/shop/alovelyhomemadelife.  You can also take advantage of the liquidation sale I have going on right now!  As my shop was formerly known as Baby Not Included, I have plenty of items left from that line that I am working on sending to new homes.  These products are beautifully done, but are not in the scope of my vision for my new shop.  Take advantage of the great sale prices and snag some beautiful baby gifts while they last!

A sneak peak of a new product, coming soon to A Lovely Homemade Life...